I’m 15 years old and in a long distance relationship with a 17 year old, is that weird?

Kinda young for LDR, but I think it’s not. If you really think that you love your SO then it’s not.

Good luck to both of you, stay in love!


I’m having some trouble with a girl i’ve been talking to over the last few months; We get along so well and are so alike! But I always get the feeling she doesn’t trust me, and see’s me being capable of some truly horrible things. I work in a pretty chaotic job and I’m doing a degree, because of it, she thinks im cheating on her whenever i can’t talk. I feel like im a criminal for having a career

It’s really hard for a girl to trust a guy, especially if they’re in a LDR. It takes time, prove your girl that you can be trusted. Be truthful to her.

Send her pictures of yourself doing some work or some picture of yourself being wacky, funny, etc. Just to prove that you’re not lying.

Give her your work/school schedule so she knows where you are from this time to that time.

Good luck to both of you and hoping that everything works out.


My ldbf is so scared ill find someone else near where I live. I’ve told him plenty of times that I only want to be with him. It scares me how much I love him because he is so far away. My mum has seen him texting me all the time and asked me who he is I just don’t have the balls to tell her

That’s pretty much the same for everyone in LDR.  

Slowly, tell your mom about him and tell stories about him.

Stay in love!


I never knew that I’d find a blog so relatable. I thought I was just being stupid getting all upset over a guy who lives far away but all these people feel exactly the same as me and I see that it’s normal! I know that we have to wait til after my uni course to get nearer but the uni near him does a masters in what I want to do so hopefully in 4 years if the love is still there which I hope it will be we can finally be together

You’re not the only one! 

Just be patient and time will come. You guys would be together someday.

I wish you two the best. Stay in love!


Ohh no poor you. 🙁 Your ldgf practically lives in another country. It would really be hard for you to close the distance then 🙁 will probably take you many years to close the distance. i recently just closed the distance with my ldbf. he moved here in my hometown just a couple of months ago. hopefully everyone gets to close the distance with their S.O.

Yes, probably couple years. But hopefully by next year I would see her.

Yes, I’m hoping that everyone in LDR would get close with their S.O.