I really need some advice. My boyfriend told me today he wants to text and talk less because his college classes are getting more difficult. I know it has to happen, but I feel like I’m going to lose him because we will barely speak. What should I do?

As long as both of you are communicating every day, you should be fine.

Remember that communication is key, be patient, and trust him.


why do u keep saying communicating with each other.. does it matter?

It does matter.

Communication is the key in LDR. Without communication, you or your SO will lose interest with each other. You will lose trust, patient, etc.

Communication is the base of LDR.


Hi, 🙂 I’m also in a LDR and it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. He lives in Mexico and I live in Michigan. We’ve been together for a short time but it feels like a lifetime. Your posts make me smile and think about us being together. We trust eachother with everything we have and we talk constantly. Is there any more advise I should know to make sure we stay together? (: <3

Aww, thank you for that. I just want to inspire everyone who is in LDR.

Just communication, keep communicating with each other whether thru text, email, video chat, chatting, etc. 

Keep constant communication, don’t lose contact with him.


How do I maintain a great LDR when my crazy ex boyfriend keeps trying to stay in my life? I love who I’m currently with but my ex is pissing me off.

Just avoid your crazy ex boyfriend. Ignore him, put him on block list.


I’m in a happy LDR of eight months from New Mexico, US to Liverpool, UK. I’m very in love and I might get to see him this Christmas, but I’m still worried I might not get to. If the trip doesn’t happen, what kind of gifts do you suggest I could give him for Christmas that would be easy to ship internationally?

That’s great for both of you.

As for gift, what does he like? Does he have any favorites?

You can basically ship anything around the world. 

Hope for the best, stay in love, be in love.