What do i do when my parents disapprove my ldr 🙁 1 year going strong ..but my parents r 100% against it :'(

Most parents disapprove of their sons/daughter having LDR, you have to fight for it. Tell them how you feel about him.

Be strong. Stay in love.


Hello 🙂 I’m in a ldr with a wonderful guy for about 8 months now. We were penpals for 2 years, we met and it was “love at first sight”. I’m French, he’s Brazilian and came here as an exchange student on the other side of my country. He’ll have to go back. We talk a lot about it, we want to enjoy. But it’s so hard when we know that it will ends. Do you have any advice? Do you think it’s worth it or not?

Be positive.

Keep communicating with each other. Be patient. Time will come and you will see each other again.

Will it work? Only if both of you believe that it will.


Hi:) my boyfriend and I have been happily together for 8 months. He lives in California while I live in BC. He’s been suffering from cancer for over a week now, and has been through 2 surgeries already. I really want and need to be there with him, but I’m 17 and he’s 21, my parents don’t want me going down :'( what do I do??????

I’m sorry to hear about your boyfriend, hope he is doing fine. Tell him to be strong and be positive.

Tell your parents about your boyfriend, maybe they’ll change their mind. I know it’s hard for parents to understand the situation, but you have to show them that you have to see your boyfriend.

Be strong, stay in love.


i’m in a ldr of 4 months, he’s 17, i’m 15. next summer we should meet but if his parents won’t give him money we won’t. i’m so scared, also because if we won’t meet after an year maybe he could think in broke up.. how long can we resist without meet?

Don’t rush it. If both of you love each other, you guys can wait. Save money and meet the following year.

Stay in love.


Is it okay to sext in a LDR?

Are you comfortable with your SO? Do you trust your SO? 

If yes, it’s normal and it’s okay. 🙂 Sexting spice up your relationship.


Make sure both of you are in legal age. 


I’m in an LDR and my SO is really really bad at texting.. Casual conversations are really irritating because I’ll send something and get “lol” or “KK” or some unthoughtful response.. At first it was fine because I was happy but now it’s getting really tiresome.. I need advice on what to do about this please.. (Also it’s just texting, skype is really fun but we can’t skype much at all because of my parents…) And I’m starting to loose feelings for my SO recently.. I’m so confused idk what to do.

‘lol’ or ‘kk’ replies means that he is not interested at texting back or texting you. 

IMO, get over your SO because he is not showing any interest any more, which sucks. Talk to him what’s going on or ask him if he’s still interested. LDR is tough, it needs constant communication with each other. From what I read, your SO is barely communicating with you.

It hurts me to say this, but you have to leave your SO. It’s not going anywhere.


To the anon that is in a relationship for 2 years and now at college- I’ve been in a LDR for a year and there’s age difference so he’s always busy with work (6 am-11 pm) but he manages to make time. Maybe not everyday but most days we talk. Yes it’s hard but if you’re so in love, it’s worth it. Stay strong. I’m here for you 🙂