Okay. Having a tough day): My boyfriend and I have been in our relationship for 2 years and 4 months. He joined the navy and left in August for basic training. We stayed strong together and I saw him for a day when he was done. It was amazing. And now he’s back in Illinois (I’m in CT) and is studying school for the navy and then will be stationed in CA. It’s so hard. Any advise? I have days where I flat out break down. And I have days where I am great. But I’ve never felt this sad rn. Help??

Breakdown means that you really love him, it’s okay. This is a test, it will test your faithfulness to each other. Be patient, and when time comes you will see each other again.

Keep communicating, send mails to each other. Skype maybe, if they allow it.


Hi there! Lol I have been dating my boyfriend for 5 months now and he lives in California and I live in Michigan. He says he wants to come see me this summer but I don’t know if he was just bluffing or not. I don’t know how you could help but a little advice would be nice:) thx 🙂

Maybe he does want to see you. Get more hints if he is really going to see you. It’ll be nice to meet.

If you don’t mind posting this it would be amazing :3
3 years 🙂
Amercia to England ( we met once at band camp by chance, and it has been a rollar coster ride ever since)

“ True love stories should never have a happy ending, because true love stories never end. ”