I’ve now been in a LDR for a year and three weeks now. We Skype all the time, send weird and goofy pictures and we both just seem to love each other to death and talk all the time but…. He is coming to spend the whole summer with me and like We are all happy about it and stuff but I’m very nervous about meeting him 🙁 I don’t know what to do to make me less nervous… What can I do??

It will be awkward and weird at first but as time goes by everything will be fine.

It seems like both of you get along really good. Just act how you act when you Skype with him.

Best wishes for both.


Having a husband in the military means long distance is required at some point. I’m so happy to announce after 12 months I get my soldier back from Korea! I wish this happiness for everyone dealing with a LDR

Thank you for your husband for serving.

Happy to hear that both of you are within arms length.

Stay in love.


I’ve been in a LDR with my bf for 5 mths. He’s my 1st bf.. lol everything is first for me >.< and there’s something that’s been bugging me. Is it natural, or just okay to have sexual stuff I mean yeah it is but he wants me to watch him do his thing, and he wanna see me while he does(via skype) I cant do it. Its like cybersex lol, but he told me long distance, do it that way. Weird to ask I know but please help.

Cybersex is normal and only do it when you are comfortable enough to do it. Don’t do it because he wants to, do it because you want to. Don’t force yourself if you can’t do it.

Be sure that you trust him and you’re comfortable to do it. If he really loves you he can wait until you are comfortable.


I’ve been talking to this guy, and we said we’d wait for each other. He said he’d do anything to be with me, and we haven’t talked in two weeks. I miss him a lot, and still have feelings for him. I want to message him but I’m scared he doesn’t feel the same anymore..

It doesn’t hurt to talk to him, message him. Ask how everything, what he’s up to.

Keep communicating and love will last.


I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost three months and feel like he could be the one. We’re both first year uni students so have a few years together before we graduate. But, not seeing him for three weeks over Christmas was bad enough. He loves where he lives, I love where I live. How can we make 250 miles work (North England-South Wales) when uni’s over?

Don’t hurry moving in, go to each other’s place. 

Keep communicating, this is the only thing that you need to keep the relationship strong. Send each other gifts, surprise each other, etc.

Stay in love.