My boyfriend and I are 743 miles apart so you all know how that is. This vale ones day I want to do something really nice and cute and I think I will be sending him a bunch of stuff but my problem is that I like to be with people when I give them gifts. So do you think it would be odd if I sent half of it then the other half I have to him in April?

Give everything on valentine’s day and give something else when you visit him.

I think he will appreciate both.


The girl I’m in love with lives 1000 miles away. She doesn’t trust me yet. How can I change that? She means everything to me.

You have to show her that you are trustworthy. It’s going to take some time.


Hey im in a ldr for 4 month and i will meet my bf in 3 months. Im thinking about to give him a little gift but i really dont know what i could give him.

Give him a flower. đŸ™‚ Or chocolates. He’ll appreciate what you’ll give to him. 

Stay in love.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just weeks away, what will you give to your partner?

If they are from the other side of the globe, send them something. Send them a gift or write them a mail. If they are hours drive from you, surprise visit them.

What will you give to your partner?

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