I really like this guy who lives in a different state, he’s interested in me as well but I feel that he’s unsure about the long distance thing. He said wants to “go with the flow & see what happens”. We snap sometimes but those convos are often left on opened, I’ve tried to watch a movie with him but that never ends up happening. He thinks I’m “beautiful & amazing” so I’m just really confused. He seems unsure how it’d work but I’ve done it before. Not sure where to go from here.. best advice?

In my opinion…

Don’t make it too fast, figure each other first. Learn his real motives. “beautiful and amazing,” it could be those sweet words but no meaning behind it. 

They say “if you want it, there’s a way. If you don’t want it, there’s a rason.”

I hope everything works out for both of you. Best wishes.

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