Hey. I’m also in a LDR. I live in Germany, he also but we live 300km apart. We meet us every weekend. Sadly the next two weekends we can’t see us.. In 1 Month I will go 10 months to USA so we won’t see us for a long time. I’m 16 and he’s 17.He told me that he will wait for me and that 10 month will pass fastly. Everyday he tells me that he loves me a lot and he will wait for me.

I believe you will be going for school in USA. To be honest, 10 months will really go by quick. Communication is the key here, don’t go a day without communicating to each other, I know there will be days that you will be so busy that you don’t have time to talk.

The best way is set times on which when you are available so he knows when you are available, video chat each other daily.

Good luck to both of you, stay in love.

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