my ldgf always takes a long time to reply to my texts…. ignores them sometimes im sure. idk shes been acting weird and i think shes going to break up with me. i sent her a text at 5.35 today.. then another at 9.30 asking why shes ignoring me and i want to send her another one but i dont want to seem clingy. what do u think i should do?

I’ll try and be positive.

How’s your communication going? Is it less and less everyday? 

Maybe, she is busy: School? Work? I’ll be thinking the same way too if she doesn’t reply to my texts. You’ll have that feeling that something is wrong.

Try calling her first, if she does pick up ask what’s going on. If not wait till tomorrow for her replies. If she still doesn’t pick up, well I’m thinking of something bad going to happen. But don’t lose hope, everything can be fixed with communication. 

But I’m for sure, she’s just busy with her life. Give her some time to reply. Communicate with her.

Good luck to you.

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