I always feel like talking to my LDR Partner especially in skype calls but recently i entered a call and after 20 minutes it was just quiet and i didnt know what to talk about with her. I asked her about her day and holidays but only got one word answers. Do you have any tips on how to start good conversation and not make it awkward for the both of us.

This will happen from time to time. Quietness is okay and part of any relationships.

Do something interactive, make fun of something, watch movies.

What do you guys suggest?


I’ve been in a ldr for about 10 months now with the love of my life. Ldr are really hard. You can’t expect them to be easy. I think if you truly want it to last you’ll put the effort that’s needed into it no matter what’s happening in your life. You’ll do what’s best for your SO and you’ll love harder than you’ve ever loved before. If you’re meant to be, then you’ll overcome everything together. Love is love and everyone has someone out there for them. Don’t give up. <3

Don’t give up, both are in this together.