Just wanted to drop by your page and say how awesome it is. My girlfriend and I have been in an LDR for several months now, we met for the first time last month and it was almost surreal which I’m sure so many people here can relate to. I travelled from London to San Diego to meet her and I plan to return next month. Distance truly means nothing if somebody means that much to you, always remember that! Thanks for your page it really helps out with the difficult times apart (:

Thank you! 

That’s right, distance is really nothing if someone really means that much to you!

Best wishes! Keep loving.


I’ve been dating my boyfriend for 6 months now and in September it will turn into a LDR since I’m moving to a city 6 hours away for university while he stays in our town. Apart from communication, what can I do to keep this relationship? He makes me forget all the bad things, and he’s just so perfect for me. I’d hate to lose or hurt him in anyway and I’m worried I’ll get busy in university :/

Communication is key!

Surprise gifts, random online movie date, snail mail, etc. Be creative to what you can come up with. It doesn’t have to be chatting all the time, video call, snap chats, etc. 

Good luck to both, best wishes and keep loving.


Hi! I have a friend who lives 7,000 miles away from me (He’s from California and I’m from Philippines) we’ve been talking for I think 7 months now, exchanging pictures, video chats, talked about a lot of things (personal, family & even sexually) we got comfy with each other. But thing is I don’t know what we are lol don’t know if it’s ok to still entertain other suitors or not coz he might see it on my Facebook. Wanted to ask him about us but scared that what if he was just being nice to me

You should drop by hints to what you guys are, whether still talking or together.  IMO, if you are only just talking, other suitors are welcome unless you are serious about that person then don’t.

Salamat. Thank you.