Next Sunday it will be 8 months with my lovey. He is in Arizona I’m in Louisiana. Is it weird I already dream of us being married and having kids?

Not weird at all. If both can see being married and together, it means that both are ready for next steps.


When it’s time to move in with your ldr s/o, how do you prepare for the more adult things? Like, transferring doctors, getting a job, etc?

This is the part that should be talked about before moving in. Always plan ahead so both will know your plans and no surprises.


Hi dear! I love your blog! Your posts inspire me so much for my ldr. Just curious tho, are you in an ldr as well? How’s that working out for you? Cheers! Keep the love alive!

First of all, thank you! Without you, this blog would not be here.

Yes, I’m in LDR. Everything is doing great. 🙂

Keep loving!

Help with Psych project

Hello! I’m doing a psychology project comparing psychological and emotional effects on long distance and proximal (normal for lack of better word) relationships and i need to get data though a survey and I was wondering it you could share the survey with your followers. I’d really appreciate it thank youuuuuu 🙂 link: