Help with Psych project

Hello! Iā€™m doing a psychology project comparing psychological and emotional effects on long distance and proximal (normal for lack of better word) relationships and i need to get data though a survey and I was wondering it you could share the survey with your followers. Iā€™d really appreciate it thank youuuuuu šŸ™‚ link:

If you don’t mind posting this it would be amazing :3
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Amercia to England ( we met once at band camp by chance, and it has been a rollar coster ride ever since)

“ True love stories should never have a happy ending, because true love stories never end. ”

Hello! I was just wondering if you could my long distance boyfriend of a year and five months and I a HUGE favor?

We are planning on meeting for the very FIRST time next August, and we are hoping to do so by raising money through online donations. (: We REALLY need help, even a dollar will help us! So if you could let your followers, friends, know about THIS fundraising, or just simply reblog THIS post, it would help us a ton. Thank you so much!


Help someone, I don’t usually do this but wow. Good luck to both of you.