I’m starting a LDR with my boyfriend of almost a year. The distance is only a few hours, but with our school it’s going to be difficult. Is there any good advice you have for LDRs?

Communication, communication, communication.

Do homeworks together, go on Skype and help each other out. Call each other. Surprise visit, maybe?


I’m Doing A Long Distance (Not Many People Call It That, But It Is..) Its Tampa To Orlando.. I Know Its Only A Two Hour Drive.. But I Barely Get To See Him.. In Seven Days.. It Will Be Our One Year.. (Combined.. Broke Up Once Before Because Of Him

Moving.. Than A Few Months Ago.. We Got Back Together And Now We’re Doing The Distance For The Past Four Months And I’ve Never Been Happier.. <3


That’s good for both of you. Keep loving, be in love, stay in love.

I’m happy for both of you.


I’ve been in a ldr for a year and a half and we may have the chance to meet next month. However, my mother doesn’t know about him and its 6 hours away from where he is going to be. My birthday is like two days after he visits and it would mean the world to me to finally meet him. What do i do?

Go ahead and meet him, I think it’s about time to finally meet.

Tell your mother, it’s a birthday gift for yourself. ๐Ÿ™‚

Wonderful News!

My brothers who is in a LDR for 7 years finally propose to his girlfriend.

My brother and his girlfriend used to live in the Philippines, now they are in different country, he lives in USA and she lives in Dubai. Earlier this week, they got to see each other of being separated after 5 years, now they are engaged.

My brother proposed in San Francisco, USA by the Golden Gate Bridge.

With communication and patient, anything is possible with LDR.

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Sorry for reblogging a lot of stuff. I love this blog and it all reminded me of the guy I love. ๐Ÿ™‚

No, it’s absolutely fine. Reblog all you want. Just want to inspire everyone. Thank you very much.