So I’m about to start university which is an hour away from where my boyfriend works. We’re both gunna be so busy I’m really scared it won’t work, we both love each other but I just know I’m gunna miss him so much. Whenever we’re not together we always get in arguments via text or something and I’m just terrified it won’t work out. I need him in my life but it just makes me so sad not being able to wake up with him or see him for months :(:(:(

That’s part of life, you just have to be patient and have trust. If both love each other, nothing will go wrong. 

Communicate with each other, text, email, Skype, video calling, etc. Visit each other every week, surprise each other. One hour isn’t bad, or meet halfway.

Good luck to both of you. Stay in love.


I don’t want to overthink things, so i asked if all was well with us. He says yes. I asked if we were moving to fast. If so, we can slown down. I’m supposed to visit soon, but I dont think he’s ready for that.

Give it a week or two then ask again. Ask him if you can see him.

Just communicate, don’t do surprise visit yet.


Im 19 im in a 9 month long relationship with my gf. She is 15. We plan to meet in November. Any advice? Also do you think the age.difference is to big? We both dont think its a big deal.

Uhmm, you’re 19 and she’s 15. Isn’t she too young for a relationship? But, if you two love each other then age doesn’t matter.

Good luck to both of you.

Just a reminder. 15 will do you 10.


My ldbf will come see me soon… he will take the airplane :)… have you some advice for me ? I’m scared, he speak english but I speak french D: do you think it will be a problem ? Thanks xx

How do you guys communicate? It should be fine.

Pick him up at the airport with present. He’ll be able to understand, teach each other your language.