I just want to give everyone hope, I was in a long distance relationship for a year when he flew to meet me for the first time. It was ten times better in person and our relationship is strong, even from 1,000 away. It can happen

Could you tell what was your reaction after your first meet up. Thanks.

Stay in love.


I’m in a ldr of almost two months. I love in USA and he lives in Jordan. It’s about 5714.91 miles. I really love him and he tells me everyday how much he loves me. We kik and skype almost everyday. But my parents are strict. How can I tell them about us without losing him? Btw I’m 17 and he’s 19. And I also love you blog 🙂

Well, thank you very much.

Maybe keep it from your parents for a little longer till you are 18. Most parents would not agree to have a LDR. When you turn 18, slowly introduce him. Tell them you have a friend from Jordan, at first.


I’m 15 my ldbf is 18 we met this summer when I went on vacation and met him when I came back he texted me a lot almost everyday then the msgs started getting shorter and less effort was put in now it’s been over a week without him answering my text what should I do?

Is he busy from school? work?

Ask him what’s going on with you two. If still no answer, I’ll call it off. If he loves you, he will reply. But from what I understand from your message, less effort and its been a week without any reply.

Just keep asking him until you get an answer, but don’t annoy him. 


are you really in a long distance relationship or do you just blog about ldr?

I’m in a LDR.