Skype Alternative

One reader commented that Google+, G+, is also good for Skype Alternative.

@theonewiththeshippinggoogles said  May I add some? G+: you can do live hangouts, where you add a compliment for YouTube, and then you add the movie to a list. When it plays, it’s automatically synchronised, wherever in the world you are.

Now, you can watch some cat videos on youtube, funny clips, movie trailer, and some movies I can’t mention such as some full movie. 🙂

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Hello 😀 Been in an LDR for a month now. She’s currently in NY and I live in Michigan. We talk everyday and love eachother. Either texting or skyping. Do you have any ideas for us to do for Skype dates or something fun? Thankyou. Your blog is inspiring

Thank you.

Movie date on Skype, watch the same movie together and hit play at the same time. 🙂

Read each other stories, sing, etc.

Stay in love.


i’m in a LDR with my gf and i want to send her something, but i’m scared that her parents might open it (she’s not out yet) any cute ideas what i could send her, without her parents knowing she’s gay? thanks a lot! and i love your blog xoxo

I would suggest hand written card. It’s cute and sweet. Then follow it with chocolates or something that she likes. If she’s home alone, send her pizza. 🙂

I’m not sure why her parents are opening HER letter. Invasion of privacy?

Thank you for following. 🙂 Stay in love.