I was in a long distance relationship with this really really amazing girl. Unfortunately she cheated on me, multiple times. (I thought that if she got it out of her system she’d stop.) She couldn’t handle the distance and needed affection closer. Eventually it went down hill and we broke up. We still talk though and she says she still loves me, and I really do love her. The issue is that if I ask her to stop dating people there she flips out on me. What should I do? We’re in High school.

Apparently, she is not taking this LDR seriously. If she loves you, she will not flip out about you telling her not to date anyone.

If she can’t stop dating anyone, then she’s not serious and you should move on from her. It’s not going to go anywhere.

Be strong, stay in love.


I know my long distance relationship ended horribly (we just broke up). I really hope that everyone is much happier than I was and I hope they are able to work things out much better than we were.

I’m sorry for hearing that. Be strong, you’ll make it.


I’m currently inlove with this girl who I been talking to for almost 2 years. We flirt all the time but since we are dating other people rn it’s hard to be intimate w/ her cuz we’re taken. The only reason we’re dating other ppl is cuz we can’t have eachother right now. Deep down we both know that we love eachother more than anything. Idk what to do cuz I love this girl to death but knowing some other guy is giving her the attention I want to give her kills. SOS help!

First thing first, no relationship other than the girl. No flirting other than the girl. Focus with that one girl who you really love.

It doesn’t matter if she’s far or you’re too far from her. Love will wait. Be patient. Distance is just a number.

If she loves you, she will not give any other attention to other guy.

Keep communicating with each other. Good luck to both of you.


Quick question: have you saw those light-up pillows before? If not they consist of two pillows and when somebody lies/hugs theirs the other persons pillow lights up. They are supposedly good in ldr’s as it helps some people feel a bit closer to the other person, sort of like an alternative to the other person being there. It won’t float everybody’s boat but just incase you didn’t know I wanted to share that. I don’t know.



I regret to say that I no longer believe in ldr’s. After being with my guy in Indiana (488 miles away) for one week, he told me that our relationship wasn’t with the effort because we are so far away. I stayed up all night that night and listened to our song.. I Won’t Let You Down. Props to all those out there who are staying strong, I wish y’all the best. <3

I’m sorry to hear that. Distance is just a number.

LDR is tough, this is how you test your patience, love, trust with each other.



Sooo.. my boyfriend and I have been together for 1 year and 11 months. He lives 219 miles away from me. It’s going to be our 2 year anniversary and I want to do something special. Any suggestions? 🙂

That’s nice to hear.

SURPRISE VISIT HIM then go out on a date and go somewhere nice and have dinner. 

Watch movies at his place and fall asleep together.

Stay in love.


Hey. Just dropping by to say how amazing it is to see you help out other LDR-ers out there who seem to be struggling. Very good advices. To those LDR-ers, Chin up guys! If it is meant to be, it would be easy breasy 🙂 Much love from a fellow LDR-er.

Thank you.