I just wanted to give everyone some strength & Hope in their LDR. Me and & my boyfriend met in 8th grade and once we got to sophomores in Highschool he moved to the other side of Texas, none of my friends or family believed we can make it far apart and still love eahother. Needless to say, it’s not easy, but completely worth it. In 12 weeks my boyfriend and I will be graduating & moving into an apartment together. STAY STRONG LDR’s❤️

Congratulation to both of you. Best wishes. 

Stay in love.


I just got into a LDR and I wanted to say thank you! I was quite nervous about doing it at first but I really love my SO and after I said yes to her, I searched long distance relationships on google and found your lovely blog. I feel so much better and less nervous now. Thank you darling!

You’re welcome. Keep communicating with your SO, it is the key to relationship.

Thank you.