Hiya, so I’ve been in a ldr with this guy for almost 2 years. I haven’t met him in person yet but he’s possibly coming for spring break and definitely coming in May for my graduation 🙂 We’ve been planning for me to go back to Cali with him for like 4 months while he finishes school but thing is my parents aren’t liking the idea. Should I go with him? If not, what should I do? I really wanna be with him :/

You should go with him, don’t waste the 2 years because your parents say no. 

It’ll be tough but you can do it.

Candle making…

What are your favorite candle scents?

Why am I asking? Well, I decided to do an exciting project, candle making. I know some of you love scented candles.

This is my first time doing a homemade scented candle and I can’t wait to start it. So, help me out and pick some of your favorite fragrance.

If this project turns out great, I will be giving two small one away in a heart shape.

Sorry if this post isn’t LDR related. It just excites me thinking about this project.

What’s your favorite fragrance?

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I was thinking of that movie date idea but.. I feel too awkward with her parents around.. Especially since it’s the first date.

watch it with them, watch something funny just to break the ice.

I know it’s weird for having her parents watch too, but this is the first. It’ll be better on your next date.


So I recently just asked a girl “out on a date”, she said yes, only problem is that she’s 8,000 miles away. Oh and not to mention her parents are overly protective and we could skype and stuff like that but only of they’re monitoring us(it’s rather awkward for a date) So uhm I need help coming up with a date.. Please help? (Btw 13 hour time difference&we’re both girls)

how about a movie date….. with the parents? Movie date. Do you have your own laptop that they don’t monitor?

Depends on what kind of monitoring your parent does, only allowed to Skype if they’re around?

How about sneaking to Skype, ooh, the thrill of that. 🙂

It doesn’t matter if both are girls or both guys or mix. As long as you love each other, gender doesn’t matter.


I have been talking to this guy for a couple of months and we are thinking about skyping for the first time. I’m so nervous. What if I say something stupid and mess everything up?

just be who you are. doesn’t matter if you mess up or make mistakes. It’ll be funny.


It’s been a long year of long distance. Trips back and forth from Texas to Philadelphia. This year felt like forever and I never thought we would finally be in one state! Relationships take a lot of work and Long distance is like putting in overtime. Trust and communication is key but the love is what keeps the relationship going and strong at the end of the day. If someone is worth it don’t give up. We didn’t give up and after it all, we be moving into a place we will call home. I could go on and on but I love him. That is all.

Congrats to both of you, best wishes. Stay in love.

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I’m in an LDR for 1 year 4 months now! And I’ve never been more happier with anyone else! ^_^ ♥

Yay! 1 year and 4 months and couting.

Best wishes for both. Keep loving.