Hi. Can you please give me some advice on “How to make things work on a long distance relationship”?

Communication, communication, communication. That’s all to it.

Once again, communication is the key to a successful relationship. Being loyal, truthful, patient also helps.


everything is possible like me for example me and my boyfriend of 6 months and we are far from each other! USA and India, sure we are separated by a big ocean and a lot of countries, but we are always close.

communication is key to successful relationship.

Best wishes for both, stay in love. 


I’m falling for this guy and he feels the same about me. I live in New York and he is moving to Pennsylvania once the school year is over. He’s skeptical to do LD because he said he will miss me too much and when he sees me he won’t want to leave. Do you think that a LDR is worth the pain? Why? Thank you in advance, I love this page 🙂 xx

How would you know if it’s worth it if you won’t try it. It does suck not seeing your partner but with love and patience, you will get through it.