So I recently just asked a girl “out on a date”, she said yes, only problem is that she’s 8,000 miles away. Oh and not to mention her parents are overly protective and we could skype and stuff like that but only of they’re monitoring us(it’s rather awkward for a date) So uhm I need help coming up with a date.. Please help? (Btw 13 hour time difference&we’re both girls)

how about a movie date….. with the parents? Movie date. Do you have your own laptop that they don’t monitor?

Depends on what kind of monitoring your parent does, only allowed to Skype if they’re around?

How about sneaking to Skype, ooh, the thrill of that. 🙂

It doesn’t matter if both are girls or both guys or mix. As long as you love each other, gender doesn’t matter.

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