I’m in an LDR and my SO is really really bad at texting.. Casual conversations are really irritating because I’ll send something and get “lol” or “KK” or some unthoughtful response.. At first it was fine because I was happy but now it’s getting really tiresome.. I need advice on what to do about this please.. (Also it’s just texting, skype is really fun but we can’t skype much at all because of my parents…) And I’m starting to loose feelings for my SO recently.. I’m so confused idk what to do.

‘lol’ or ‘kk’ replies means that he is not interested at texting back or texting you. 

IMO, get over your SO because he is not showing any interest any more, which sucks. Talk to him what’s going on or ask him if he’s still interested. LDR is tough, it needs constant communication with each other. From what I read, your SO is barely communicating with you.

It hurts me to say this, but you have to leave your SO. It’s not going anywhere.

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