I’m having some trouble with a girl i’ve been talking to over the last few months; We get along so well and are so alike! But I always get the feeling she doesn’t trust me, and see’s me being capable of some truly horrible things. I work in a pretty chaotic job and I’m doing a degree, because of it, she thinks im cheating on her whenever i can’t talk. I feel like im a criminal for having a career

It’s really hard for a girl to trust a guy, especially if they’re in a LDR. It takes time, prove your girl that you can be trusted. Be truthful to her.

Send her pictures of yourself doing some work or some picture of yourself being wacky, funny, etc. Just to prove that you’re not lying.

Give her your work/school schedule so she knows where you are from this time to that time.

Good luck to both of you and hoping that everything works out.

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